Destructivator 2

Destructivator 2 is quite a bit unlike most everything else you see released on Steam these days. It harkens back in style to an era left mostly behind us in gaming’s storied past, but I for one, loved seeing this new passion project come to light and my attention. 
Gameplay itself is exceedingly simple: there’s several dozen platforming levels, in which your small green-clad man (presumably the titular Destructivator) must run around the level destroying all of the various baddies. Controls are very rudimentary – directional keys, a jump key and a fire button – but they’re clearly all of need to create an engaging and fun little title such as this. 
Enemy design is pleasantly varied enough, and the difficulty curves nicely, if maybe just a touch too easy. There’s plenty of levels to go around, and for the regular sale price, it’s well worth it to support a small indie dev like this.
Give it a go if you’re looking for something a bit different to your usual Steam fare.