Ninja Kiwi Archive

With the imminent demise of the original Flash program and the native support for it across the internet, it’s good to know that at least one team of developers isn’t going to let their work become irreparably lost to the march of digital progress. 

Any of my fellow older zoomers whose school had a computer lab open during rainy lunches probably remembers at least a few of these. Well, now, completely free of charge, without any microtransactions or need to register to a third party site, or any other such nonsense, is this collected pack of ALL their original games. 

Bloons TD, Meeblings, all those things you kinda remember – they’re all here and you can play them all again, and they still hold up very well for what they are.

It’s great to see these sorts of games get kept not only alive by their creators, but provided completely free of charge, and now available completely offline too, just in case you want to play a quick game of something like this right from your Steam Library when you’re travelling or away from home. Maybe if some other old extant Flash game dev studios see the immense appreciation Ninja Kiwi are (deservedly) getting from PC users for this, we’ll get to see other archived collections come out soon too!