Lego Batman

A solid 3D puzzle-platformer and collect-a-thon for fans of the DC Comics icon of all ages.  

Lego Batman works hard to bring fun gameplay in the combined worlds of the iconic Lego building blocks and DC Comics’ world-famous vigilante of the night. Gameplay itself draws from the established Traveller’s Tales formula, and sees the player comb through thirty story levels as Batman, his allies, and the supervillian members of his ‘Rogues Gallery’. 

Each level itself consists of an extensive series of rooms and areas filled with puzzles and props constructed from the eponymous bricks, which typically require a bit of trial-and-error tinkering with different characters’ abilities and some simple deductive observations to solve in either singleplayer or local co-op. Each individual level is home to a multitude of collectables, rewards, and secrets - which often require a careful combing of the environment to locate. After progressing through the campaign ‘Story Mode’ missions and unlocking a range of comicbook favourite character, vehicles, and supersuit abilities, each level is opened up to ‘Free Play’ mode, in which the puzzles of that area can be revisited and explored with any and all subsequently unlocked items, and meticulously cleaned of a large number of puzzles and collectables previously inaccessible to the limited Story Mode characters of that given level. 

While the game recommends playing with a controller, the simple movement controls and uncomplicated mechanics translate perfectly well to a easy keyboard setup, and the game itself simultaneously retains an air of modern polish while still being completely undemanding on any modern hardware, ensuring that even the most basic contemporary PCs should have no issues whatsoever in getting Lego Batman to run smoothly.             

While featuring no Steam Achievements or Trading Cards, Lego Batman will still surely hold the interest of superhero fans of all ages as they explore every nook and cranny for collectables in pursuit of that 100% completion satisfaction. 

Strongly recommended.