Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box can’t honestly offer much in the way of core story elements, art sprites with a pixel count higher than the framerate, or even a coherent line of thought behind its title - but what it can provide is a snappy little 2D shooter so fast you could have played two or three games in the time in took you to read this far into the review.

The concept is simple: control a small pixel-person as they wield an extensive array of diverse weapons against hordes of minimal-health enemies who unabatedly stream in from the top of the level - and while preventing any of these little rascally imps touching you for a one-hit kill, navigate your avatar around the small room you’re in to collect as many boxes as you can. Each box contains a new, different weapon with a new playstyle - for better or worse - and collecting enough boxes, both cumulatively  or in a single life, unlock new weapons to be added into the rotation and new layouts of the room with new decor to play in. 

It’s a fun little concept, might as well give it a go for yourself - it is free after all, would probably be done downloading within two minutes if you started it off now.