Postal 2

Postal 2 is a very unique little experiment of a gameplay idea. In it is a full-scale simulation of an ordinary southwestern US city filled with a variety of aptly designed businesses, residences, and assorted civilians. Gameplay revolves entirely around this dynamic world map and its inhabitants - with different objectives meted out by the handful which all invariably involve the player walking from one side of the map to the other in search of some eclectic object or another. 

This simple and repetitive goal serves as the vechicle for the game’s own brand of personality, which sees the player-character - the crassly-pragmatic, trenchcoat-wearing, ‘Postal Dude’ - either avoid or defend himself from hordes of samey gun-wielding protester types with a barrage of appealingly diverse weapons. 

As much as this janky little world of stereotypes and invisible load-zones may hold some niche appeal as a cult hit among fans of this particular brand of anarchic first-person shooters, I personally wouldn’t really recommend it to the average Steam user. 

At least, the game’s developers do seem to appreciate their little fan community - with the full suite of Steamworks integration, trading cards, badges, very high-quality Steam Achievements for those who appreciate that extra touch.

Ultimately, not recommended. Unless you’re just looking for a cathartic timewaster that at least does what it claims to do competently, in which case, go nuts - you’ve found it.