Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow Warrior is a game which can be found in many forms on Steam – you might have mistaken this remaster of 1997 original with either the 2013 reboot of the same name, or the original free version which also happens to be on Steam as a shareware demo of sorts. 
This ‘Redux’ version is the original Build Engine game, and all of its expansion content, remastered in high-definition, optimised for modern hardware, and given full Steam Community support. Seeing one of the “Big Three” Build games get this treatment is great – and it means this excellent title now has official rebuild representation on Steam alongside its peers Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition and Blood: Fresh Supply. 

For anyone not yet aware of the Shadow Warrior lore, you play as Lo Wang, the former bodyguard, mercenary, and one-man dojo working to fight his way through a horde of distinct Asian-mythology inspired demons and monsters. The world environment is beautiful, detailed, an highly interactive (as is the Build Engine trait), the weapons are all deliciously distinct and fun to use, and there’s complete Steamworks Community support with regards to Trading Cards, Achievements, and modding / user-made map sharing.

It’s a great game, will run easily on essentially any PC, highly recommended.