Postal is a series with a long history of controversy , having always been a franchise unafraid of embracing shock value and riding the wave of free marketing garered by the outrage.

The original Postal is the beginning point of the indie Running With Scissors development studio’s experience with the cycle of baiting public outcry for attention. But as much as I respect the method, and am not personally averse to “maturely” immature themes like hysterical over-the-top violence, I can say fairly certainly that the original Postal just isn’t that fun. 

As much as the top-down horror might have been shocking back in 1997, it’s a little bit passé and wouldn’t neccessarily stun our most recent generation of disaffected youth. As an actual game, it’s not much to write home about either, there’s eight mostly samey weapons, the generic enemies are all fairly easily dispatched so there’s very little challenge, and there’s not even any real story to enjoy apart from the premise of mindless slaughter.

Grab it if you really want to complete your Postal collection, but otherwise, I’m not really going to recommend it.