Knights and Merchants

A medieval city-building RTS where you don’t order your serfs around directly so much as make general instructions as to what buildings should go where and hope they then get built promptly. Growing up, I always preferred the likes of Age of Empires II and its direct order-giving system, and I can see why that franchise made it big while this one remained relatively obscure. 
It’s been remastered in HD, and comes with Steam Trading Cards and all the associated little trimmings that entails. It’s got a very active community from what I’ve seen, and I’ve got to say, the look of all the folksy little buildings and different types of worker all look highly detailed and are very charmingly designed. 
Still, I know a lot of people are going to like seeing this HD re-release on Steam. It runs well, it’s fairly cheap, and I didn’t encounter any bugs while I was playing it. 
It’s wasn’t for me, but not a bad game by any fault of its own. You might as well try it and see if you like this control system for yourself.