Osmos is the sort of little artistic experiment I always love to see pop up on Steam. The core mechanic behind the sleek veneer of colourful minimalistic starry cells is ejecting matter (ie. size) from your central circular self to move around a 2D plane with the aim of most levels being to absorb all objects smaller than yourself by moving over them, avoiding those larger than you, and efficiently using your size and momentum to engulf a majority of the matter on screen at any given time.  

It’s a great little idea for a mechanic I’ve never seen implemented in a puzzle game before, looks and sounds beautifully atmospheric and is simultaneously casual enough for pick-up-put-down games on a whim, but retains the right amount of challenge to remain engaging.  

It looks great, plays perfectly smoothly on basically any machine as far as I can tell, and even gives you a roster of very nice looking Steam Achievements (not that getting all of those will necessarily be easy). I’d really recommend giving this one a shot if you’ve got some change spare in your Steam Wallet and are looking for something fun, unique, and a bit obscure.