Boson X

Boson X presents the same gameplay concept we’ve seen in scores of cheap old flashgames; simply use the arrow keys to dodge obstacles and stay on a particular path in series of increasingly fast and incrementally difficult levels.

Boson X’s contrived scenario which necessitates a lot of very quick running and impromptu dodging is that you, the player character, are a unfortunate scientist trapped inside a subatomic particle smasher who must stay alive inside long enough to successfully complete his experiment, whatever that exactly might be.

The artstyle is clean and pleasingly simplistic, I can’t find any performance issues on even the fastest stages, and worthy of special mention is the digital chiptune soundtrack - while being little more that a series of simple melodic bleep-bloop patterns, it does work to great effect and synchronises very well with the gameplay and the theme of the setting.      

Boson X doesn’t honestly offer anything new per se, but it does do its basic mechanic justice. There’s a Steam Achievement for beating each level, the usual Steam Trading Cards and Badges and a global leaderboard to compare yourself against the world after every stage, so if you do happen to be looking for a pseudo-infinite runner and the aforementioned features sound enticing, Boson X justifies the low asking price.