Bloons TD5

This is the fifth main instalment in a series many may know as a longstanding champion for simple tower defence games from about ten or so years back now, and I for one was almost taken a bit back to see if being sold on Steam initially. 

Turns out, the franchise has still been running all this time – long after my memories of playing the originals in the school computer lab during rainy lunch breaks had faded. I gave it a shot, not necessarily expecting too much from it other than a nice new casual distraction for when I want to do slightly more than just listen to a podcast, but not anything actually productive. 

As it happens, the scope of the series has ballooned in size (heh). And now, this very conservatively-priced (which is even more discounted every Steam Sale by the looks of it) casual tower defence series actually belies a surprisingly extensive level of depth. For one thing, there’s dozens of different maps, each suited to a different plan of defence, so you’d better not think you can spam down one thing mindlessly to win. A equally varied arsenal of defensive units to select from, all of which now have individual branching skill trees and XP-based tiered unlocks to add replay value and encourage experimentation naturally and not via some arbitrary grind. 

I’d strongly recommend giving this one a look if you ever played any in the series before or are just looking for a casual way to spend a quick ten minutes every now and then, especially if it’s on sale or you’ve got a little bit of spare change left after a larger purchase you.