Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

As is always the case with these Lego games from Traveller’s Tales, the first three Indiana Jones films have become 3D puzzle-platformer through a number of distinct levels each based on scenes from the movies, and filled to the brim with collectables, secrets, and small plastic representations of the scores of characters you never knew the names of.

It’s a very solid formula that remains fun to kids and adult fans of the franchise alike, and clearly the amount of Lego games to have come out spoofing intellectual properties since shows that people are evidently enjoying them enough to warrant making more. However, it’s worth noting, that if your only prior experience with this series is the newer games with all their bells, whistles, and new feature bloat every instalment, you might be a little surprised at the ‘purer’ experience on offer here. There’s not much here beyond eighteen main levels (each one will run about an hour total between ‘Story’ mode and post-game ‘Free Play’ 100% completion mode), and a handful of unlockable bonus features. 

Unlike its contemporaries – Lego Batman or Star Wars – there aren’t any gimmicky vehicle levels or much in the way of extended  boss fights – it’s just a simple series of 3D puzzle rooms which offers an engaging first playthrough of the story, and a fun extra test for the 100% completion run.  

It runs perfectly well on modern hardware, controls smoothly with just a keyboard, and still holds up graphically. There’s no Steam Achievements or Trading Cards, but it does usually get a 75% discount during Sales, and it’s well worth a look.