Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

An adventure through all six of the good Star Wars films which represents the Lego games’ 3D puzzle-platformer formula at its peak.

As with all the Trallver’s Tales-developed Lego games, Lego Star Wars is a 3D platformer adventure game in which puzzles appropriate for “all the family” (which is to say, balanced for small children) act as the vehicle for thirty-six primary levels (and a few hidden bonus stages) through all six of the Lucas-led era of the films. 

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga is the combination of the two prior Lego Star Wars games into a single unified title and with this coupling of a pair of full-sized and already rather expansive games in their own right into one comes this behemoth completionist’s nightmare.

The levels themselves are fairly faithful replications of the films, albeit through the lens on small plastic bricks and then turned into simple linear stages to navigate with a cast of characters, each with their own abilities the core gameplay revolves around making use of to figure out the route to progression.

Having initially completed the story mode - which should take only about an hour or so per film, if you’re not a child playing this for the first time - you unlock ‘Free Play’ mode in which every single character, power-up, and bonus you’ve discovered, unlocked, and purchased from the hub-world upgrades store can be used to go back into any level and tear it apart brick-by-brick to discover 100% of all the optional collectables to unlock even further bonus stages abilities from the store.

It’s a simple game, which might nevertheless provide you with a surprisingly long-lasting experience if you want to aim for true 100% completion, and the lighthearted approach to the story and gameplay means that Lego Star Wars remains enjoyable for younger players and adults you can muster even the slightest bit of enthusiasm for Star Wars’ more soulful past.