Half-Life 2 - Lost Coast

Technically an entry into gaming’s most celebrated series, but this brief title serves as more of a developer commentary and benchmarking tool than actual game, but is certainly still worth a look.

While officially included as part of the Half-Life 2 Collection Bundle, remove from your mind any thought of this small single map from being any fabled long-lost next chapter in the venerated-yet-perpetually-cliffhung Half-Life saga. Instead, prepare for a roughly thirty-minute-long guided tour along a more-or-less linear path through a bite-sized chunk of Half-Life lore (of dubious canonicity) in a beautifully designed Mediterranean monastery under the unfortunate control of the occupying Combine. 

Each and every facet of this short experience has been masterfully designed to showcase not only the technological aspirations of Valve’s in-house engine in bringing such locations to life, but also the thought process and methodology of the numerous developers, designers and artists that have worked on previous instalments in the esteemed Half-Life series.

Exorcise any expectations from your mind of pulse-pounding gameplay or Achievement hunting and take half an hour to immerse yourself in the breathtaking world presented within. A must-play for any true fan of the Half-Life franchise, or for anyone with aspirations to enter into the world of digital game design and creation.