Super 3-D Noah's Ark

Obscure Bible-themed FPS - which just so happens to be the best official port of Wolfenstein 3D you’ll find available anywhere. 


Super 3-D Noah's Ark might seem like a complete joke to anyone briefly glancing at the Store Page, but there’s actually a lot more to it. S3DNA is actually a texture swapped Wolf3D, where your guns are now slingshots, the Nazis are now animals that need to be put to sleep, and the entire game runs perfectly smoothly in a native high resolution.

For all the corniness in its inherent concept, Noah’s Ark is actually the most technically stable well-running completely official and supported port of the original Wolfenstein you could find. 

Even more surprisingly, S3DNA not only has a thriving Steam Community of modders, speedrunners, and other enthusiasts, it’s also activlely supported by the devs, and has full Steamworks integration, including Achievements, Trading Cards, Emotes, and so on.

If you’re into the earliest of early 90’s shooters, and are willing to play one of the more obscure ones, I can genuinely recommend Super 3-D Noah's Ark.