Into The Breach

Into the Breach comes to us courtesy of Subset Games – makers of the indie darling FTL: Faster Than Light – and it’s fair to say that they might just now be two-for-two in terms of games in the high-stakes sci-fi decision making genre. 

The new concept is simple: the player controls a handful of giant mecha suits on an isometic chess-like board which represents a cityscape under attack by equally giant and dangerous monsters. Each level has a new board, complete with a new layout of obstacles, objectives, and threats and players choose which and how many of these individual levels to take on to earn resources which can be used to upgrade your mech suits before a big do-or-die final confrontation. 

Each of the dozens of useable mechs comes with its own arsenal of different weapons, and the amount of persistently unlockable upgrades between games will seem familiarly expansive to anyone who’s already put triple-digit hours into FTL. 

This game will run well on practically any modern hardware and operating system, the tutorial tooltips worked well at orientating my slow-learning self after a few practice runs and I was very quickly having fun with my experience. 

The level of shine and polish on this we’re used to seeing from Subset now still holds up, there’s a full suite of Achievements to unlock, Trading Cards and all the associated extras there, and a large community surrounding this game that is always looking to welcome new players.

Highly recommended.