The Spy Who Shot Me

Judging solely from what you can see on the Steam Store Page, you might think TSWSM is little more than a basic low-budget indie FPS with little to offer, but it is actually a surprisingly elaborate and mechanically-diverse passion project filled with a load of genuine humour and charm.

The few-dozen levels themselves are typically modestly-sized vignettes of scenario-driven gameplay strung along with a spy-spoof plot told mostly between levels in the hub-world building. There’s action levels involving FPS gameplay in which you must use a variety of different firearms, grenades, and throwing knives against waves of deadly enemy combatants while you search the non-linear levels for a multitude of different objectives. Throughout the shooter campaign are smaller levels in which you control the player-character, Agent 7, by a different means - such as while he skydives from a plane and avoids flocks of airfowl, or piloting a speedboat through canals and over sandbanks.

Both the gameplay itself, and all the other features present - the detail in all the interactable decor, the full voice acting, cutscenes, and Steam support including Achievements - show that this game had a lot of effort put into it by a developer that really wanted to go the extra mile on this one.                                              

Very enthusiastically recommended. Go and get a copy before the estate of Ian Fleming starts issuing cease-and-desist letters.