Bejeweled 3

The match-three-corresponding-symbols-on-a-grid concept has been done many times, and is such a widely understood idea I won’t even describe the core premise of the gameplay here so as to not waste your time. 

What I will say is that Bejeweled 3 has the provenance of coming from the dev studio who, in their prime, made some of the best ‘casual’ puzzle games in the industry, PopCap. 

Bejeweled 3 takes all their prior work on the series, polishes it up above and beyond what you might expect from such a modestly priced game by adding half a dozen fully-fledged new gamemodes, each with built-in Steam Friend leaderboard support so you can compare scores with all your Steam Friends in-game. Bejeweled 3 also has a complete roster of Steam Achievements to compliment the in-game accolades.

You already know if you like this sort of thing, if you want a match-three game from good developers and good Steam support, get this one.