OCD - On Completeness and Dissonance

This brilliant entry into the sliding-tile puzzle format brings a certain charm and hearty challenge to a typically more casual style of gameplay, and to good effect.
OCD presents itself very cleanly as a well-made interpretation of the classic sliding-tiles puzzle, the likes of which have remained popular with casual audiences and more hardcore fans alike since the earliest days of Flash animation games. The name becomes ever-more fitting as the levels advance, the challenge rapidly becoming something which requires genuine forethought to successfully overcome; the basic control scheme of using each arrow key to rotate the board ninety degrees left or right at a time masks the many dynamic aspects the game which will be introduced very quickly. 
At time of release, OCD features sixty of these unique tileset levels, (and another sixty reportedly on the way) each requiring an approach that will be graded and assessed with metrics of moves-used and time-taken, guaranteeing that the real obsessive-completionist puzzlers will have something to do for quite some time.  Between the sheer amount of long-lasting content present, the lovely pastel aesthetic, and full Steamworks Achievement integration, On Completeness and Dissonance is certainly worth its humble asking price.