Coloring Pixels

An intriguing free little art project game with a most incredibly simple premise, but is a great little relaxation tool with a lot of possibilities. 
Some people might not call Coloring Pixels a game, due to its lack of failstate or challenge, regardless of how you personally care to define this humble little offering from the indie fellows at Toastie Labs, we can all agree that this free little artistic piece is the perfect, free, way to wind down after spending some time with your personal choice of loud, brash, action game all weekend.
Gameplay is simple, using a number of colours provided to you on a numbered palette, fill in the blank pixel mosaic before you – whether it be a few dozen pixels, or several thousand – and take in the relaxing piano ensemble note soundtrack as you do so.
For such a simple program – there’s a lot to get out of it, the over-sixty levels present a launch will last you a long time, and every completed painting even gives you a Steam Achievement featuring your pixelart masterpiece – what’s more: you’ll even find included details on how you can enter your own original designs in a contest to be included with the next free update (expect a entry or two from yours truly).
Thoroughly recommended – my only question is why an apparently UK-based company would use the American spelling of “coloring”.