About Us

We are a team of game enthusiasts with the same perspective of cutting off the nonsense from giveaway websites and providing people like us with the best experience they deserve. Bad websites are all over the internet, with poor servers, random downtimes, and unguaranteed promises. KeyHub came to change this by giving users a new opportunity to find the best deal on free Steam games with a redesigned smooth website, frequent giveaways, and a dedicated support team to help members with giveaway issues.

We are here to serve you the best quality features from our most reliable servers in the heart of Europe and the Czech Republic, and we will continue to work hard to keep updating our features. KeyHub has moderators, admins, and support team members from different countries, ready to help with your issues and give out the best games to expand your Steam library and for you to keep playing and gaming.

KeyHub is here to give you all new experiences in a friendly environment. You can support us by donating, leaving a suggestion, or just participating in the giveaways!

You are always welcome, and we hope you enjoy our giveaway project!