Split or Steal

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-Bit) SP1+
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
Multi-player, PvP, Online PvP, In-App Purchases
Casual, Free to Play, Simulation

31 Jan, 2020

Curator review

Incredibly fun game based on trust between two players. Will you steal money from your friends or will you trust not to be robbed?

Full review

Trust and Betrayal:

In a world where trust can be hard to find, "Split or Steal" brings the concept of trust and betrayal into a thrilling game experience. Based on the Game Theory concept of The Prisoner's Dilemma, this game challenges players to make tough decisions that can lead to exciting outcomes.

A Unique Online Experience:

The gameplay revolves around two players who are randomly selected from an online pool. They are presented with a potential reward and given a limited time to communicate with each other.

Will you choose cooperation or deception?This is the question that lingers in your mind as you strategize your moves.With just two minutes to make your decision, tension builds up as you contemplate whether it's better to share the reward or attempt to steal it all for yourself.The psychological aspect of this game makes every match unique and exhilarating!Will honesty prevail? Or will greed tempt you into betrayal?.

Endless Possibilities:

As you accumulate wealth from your successful (or not so successful) endeavors, you have the opportunity to invest in your own Headquarters. This allows for an idle/incremental-style gameplay experience where you can amplify your earnings and feel the pride of building something truly impressive.To further satisfy the desire for prestige, "Split or Steal" offers over 140 different cosmetics that showcase your achievements. Whether it's flashy outfits or exclusive accessories, there's something to suit every discerning player's taste.Strive for greatness and make a statement!.