Black Ido

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: intel x86 family, 2Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: opengl 2.0 supported graphics card
  • Storage: 190 MB available space
Single-player, Steam Achievements
Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

10 Feb, 2021

Curator review

An interesting and fun take on puzzle solving combining gravity manipulation and requiring the user to take advantage of the level geometry.

Full review

A Mysterious Tale - An Intriguing Puzzle Adventure

In "A Mysterious Tale," players are introduced to the captivating world of TSK, a brave adventurer equipped with the enigmatic Black ido super suit. With its gravity-changing capabilities, this suit allows TSK to defy the laws of physics and tackle challenging levels filled with puzzles and dangers.

Unleash Your Puzzle-Solving Skills

This game offers a unique twist on traditional puzzle-solving gameplay by incorporating gravity manipulation. As players navigate through each level, they must utilize their ability to change gravity wisely in order to overcome obstacles and reach their objectives.

  • Adventure with the change of gravity.

  • Collecting coins adds an extra layer of challenge.

  • Convenient controls ensure a smooth gaming experience.

  • A wide variety of challenging levels guarantee endless entertainment.

  • An immersive world filled with physics-based puzzles, doors, keys, and traps awaits you!

A Captivating Adventure Awaits

"A Mysterious Tale" not only offers addictive puzzle-solving mechanics but also boasts a captivating storyline that will keep players engaged from start to finish. Prepare yourself for an enthralling journey through stunning environments and intriguing narratives, filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Your Adventure Begins Today!

If you are looking for a fresh take on puzzle games, "A Mysterious Tale" is definitely worth your attention.