Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit / Windows 8.1 64-Bit / Windows 10 64-Bit / Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 / AMD Radeon™ HD 7990
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
Single-player, Steam Achievements
Action, Indie

21 Dec, 2021

Curator review

If you are a parkour or shooter game genre fan then this game is a must try as you will have hours of fun running, jumping and shooting your way to the end of each level.

Full review

As an avid fan of both parkour and shooter games, I must say that "Solar Cage" is an absolute must-try for anyone who shares my love for these genres. This challenging parkour-shooter game transports you to a distant future where humanity has been transformed into mechanical beings, living off the energy of the Sun encased in a Dyson sphere.

In "Solar Cage," you assume the role of JANITOR-2828, originally a cleaning robot but soon upgraded with incredible abilities such as jumping, wall running, and sliding effortlessly. To top it all off, you are provided with a signature rail gun that serves one purpose: to blow up the Sun. Talk about some seriously high stakes!

The gameplay mechanics in this game truly shine. Running through each area of the facility demands precision and quick thinking as you execute spectacular acrobatic maneuvers like slides and jumps while dodging obstacles along your path. Every shot counts here; miss one bullet and prepare yourself to engage in intense combat against robotic enemies just to reload your gun.

What sets "Solar Cage" apart from other games is its seamless integration of parkour moves into combat sequences - allowing players like myself to chain together exhilarating traversals with perfectly timed attacks. Trust me when I say that pulling off these epic combos never gets old!

"Hello World" takes us on an adventure across 9 dystopian levels where impeccable timing, unwavering accuracy, and sheer determination are put to test at every turn. As we journey closer towards our goal - creating chaos by blowing up the Sun - new mechanics are introduced including gravity flipping and challenge arenas that keep things fresh throughout our perilous endeavor.

One aspect I truly appreciate about "Solar Cage" is its dedication towards rewarding exploration – offering multiple paths within each level for players eager enough to uncover quicker routes ideal for speedruns. This game truly rewards perseverance and invites players to push their limits, mastering each level until they become a virtuoso, executing every shot, wall run, and leap of faith with effortless grace.

Now, I must warn you - this game does not hold your hand. There are no checkpoints or an easy mode available. However, as the saying goes: "A hero's journey is never that simple." Embrace the challenge presented by "Solar Cage," and trust me when I say that once you master each level to perfection – knowing every nook and cranny like the back of your hand – there is an immense sense of accomplishment waiting at the end.

To conclude my review on a high note - if hours of exhilarating fun running, jumping, and shooting your way through challenging levels sound appealing to you (which it undoubtedly should!), then "Solar Cage" belongs in your gaming library without a doubt.