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  • OS: 10

23 Nov, 2021

Curator review

Some bad dudes have broken time and it is your role as Doctor Sam to travel to multiple times and locations to fix time. This great 3D adventure game is fun to play and looks beautiful.

Full review

This 3D adventure game takes players on a thrilling journey through time, where they must navigate various eras and locations to restore the balance of history. In the role of Doctor Samantha Annulet, players will face numerous challenges as they strive to correct the timeline and save time itself.

The game features stunning visuals that bring each era to life, immersing players in vibrant and detailed environments. From ancient civilizations to futuristic landscapes, every location is meticulously crafted with attention to detail.
As Doctor Annulet dives from year to year, she gains access to unique time control abilities such as replaying events or using time duplicates of herself. These mechanics add an extra layer of depth and strategy when solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.
In addition, players are given the opportunity to drive a Time Car and pilot a "Hoverlorean," making exploration even more exciting.
The progress system allows for easy tracking of accomplishments while the save/load functionality ensures that progress is not lost between gaming sessions.
This game also presents several intriguing challenges for those looking for an extra level of excitement. Whether it's counting Archor Games logos or finding every NPC in the game, these challenges offer additional entertainment value for dedicated gamers.
Furthermore, there is an alternate reality aspect incorporated into this title—an "In Real Life" challenge that intertwines with other ARCHOR GAMES releases—creating an immersive experience beyond just gameplay sessions.

All in all, this impressive 3D adventure offers captivating gameplay combined with visually striking graphics. Embark on a thrilling quest through different times as you aim to fix history, overcome obstacles, and ultimately save humanity's most precious resource: Time.