Balls and Dungeons

Minimum requirements

  • Memory: 1000 MB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
Casual, Indie, Strategy

15 Dec, 2021

Curator review

Train your logic and tactics skills in this challenging spatial puzzle platformer. Great family friendly game. Great game if you are wanting a challenge. Great time killer game.

Full review

Fans of brain-teasing games that put their spatial skills to the test will find themselves fully immersed in the world of Balls and Dungeons. With its clever blend of puzzle-solving and platform gameplay, this game offers a challenging experience that keeps you on your toes.

From the moment you dive into the first dungeon, it's clear that Balls and Dungeons is not for the faint-hearted. As you progress through each level, things only get more complex and demanding. You'll encounter an increasing number of colors, additional balls to maneuver, and sprawling dungeons that require intricate planning.

What sets this game apart from others in its genre is how it taps into logic and tactics to complete each level successfully. It's not simply about navigating your way through obstacles; it requires strategic thinking and careful planning to ensure all the balls find their way into their respective holes.

The high-level stages are where this game truly shines. These challenges demand excellent strategic skills as well as a deep understanding of spatial relationships—testing even seasoned players' abilities. But fear not! Even if you get stuck or want to start fresh with a new approach, restarting any level is just a quick tap away.

Beyond its intriguing gameplay mechanics lies an ambient atmosphere that provides a relaxing backdrop throughout your adventure in Balls and Dungeons. The soothing soundscape coupled with mesmerizing visuals creates an immersive experience perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying some quality family time together.

All in all, if you're seeking an engaging puzzle platformer rooted in logic with plenty of complexity to keep you entertained for hours on end, give Balls & Dungeons a try. It's both challenging enough for experienced gamers looking for something new while also being accessible enough for newcomers seeking some mind-bending fun.