Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB of memory
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
Single-player, Partial Controller Support
Casual, Indie

28 Jul, 2022

Curator review

Play & learn with this food-puzzle game! Collect delicious plant-based food items, learn about vitamins and minerals, and get tips for a healthy diet.

Full review

This food-puzzle game offers a delightful and educational experience for players of all ages. With its collection of over 175 plant-based food items, players can indulge in the beauty of berries, the loveliness of legumes, and the wonders of vegetables.

What sets this game apart is its focus on real nutritional values. Each food item not only adds to your score but also provides valuable information about vitamins and minerals. By collecting these items, players can learn about the function and importance of various nutrients while having fun.

In addition to learning about micronutrients, this game also delves into macronutrients. Players will discover 38 sport activities as they dive deeper into the world of nutrition. A healthy diet is promoted through daily recommendations for nutrients, ensuring that players receive useful tips for maintaining their well-being.

The gameplay itself is highly engaging and challenging across three levels of difficulty. Players must complete line after line by strategically using cutlery or enlisting the help of their raccoon companion. Clearing multiple lines at once rewards them with maximum scores.

Overall, this play & learn experience offers both aesthetically pleasing visuals and valuable knowledge on nutrition that can be applied in real life situations. Whether you're a puzzle-veteran looking for a new challenge or a beginner seeking an entertaining way to learn about healthy living - look no further than this delightful food-puzzle game!