Gladiators and Glory

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  • Additional Notes: A display with 16:9 aspect ratio is highly recommended
Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy

4 May, 2023

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Build and train your own gladiators in this turn-based game set in the Roman Era. Fight in different arenas and become the best in the empire.

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of ancient Rome with Build the Best Gladiator School. This captivating game allows you to craft your own gladiator school from scratch, training and managing a roster of fierce warriors as you climb to the pinnacle of glory.

With an impressive array of features, including 30 different gladiators to choose from and 15 unique classes to master, this game offers endless possibilities for customization. Each gladiator possesses their own distinct abilities and strengths, allowing you to create a formidable team that can conquer any challenge thrown their way.

But it doesn't end there -- Build the Best Gladiator School also boasts an extensive range of combat options. With five different types of attacks at your disposal, strategic decision-making becomes paramount as you seek out tactics that will lead your warriors to victory. And with over 10 arena variants and special attacks for each individual gladiator, every battle promises excitement and unpredictability.

The gameplay itself is both engaging and immersive. This turn-based fighting game sets a new standard for historical accuracy by expertly recreating the Roman era. As you develop your gladiators' skills through rigorous training sessions, they'll be ready to triumph in epic battles held within iconic arenas across the empire.

Managing your ludus (gladiator school) is equally crucial for success in Build the Best Gladiator School. With six special gladiators under your care who require careful nurturing and guidance alongside more common warriors in your ranks, striking a balance between discipline and compassion becomes essential.

The addictive nature of this game lies not only in its mechanics but also in its quest for glory within an ever-evolving world steeped in history. Will you rise above all others as ruler supreme or fall victim to more cunning adversaries?

In conclusion,Build The Best Gladiator School invites players to step into the sandals of a Roman gladiator trainer, offering an immersive experience packed with excitement, strategic depth, and historical authenticity. It's time to forge your destiny in the grand arenas of ancient Rome and etch your name into history!