Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
Single-player, Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Cloud
Casual, Indie, Simulation

28 Jan, 2016

Curator review

The most adorable little farming simulator game I have ever played. You and your whole family will not be able to stop playing this fun and great game until your farm is the biggest and best.

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Plantera 2: A Delightful Gardening Adventure

Plantera 2 is the latest installment in the beloved gardening simulation series. Get ready to embark on a whimsical adventure as you build and cultivate your very own garden. With its charming visuals and addictive gameplay, this game will surely captivate players of all ages.

A Garden Full of Life

In Plantera, you have the freedom to create your dream garden by planting various plants, bushes, trees, and even attracting adorable blue helper creatures. These round companions will lend a helping hand in picking up items and harvesting your plants as they tirelessly work alongside you.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, feel free to pluck trees and harvest plants yourself. However, letting your helpers take care of things while you focus on expanding your garden might be an appealing option. What's even better is that these little helpers continue working even when you're not playing the game so that there's always something waiting for you upon return!

Pest Control & Growth

While tending to your garden oasis with love and care may seem idealistic - pesky critters might occasionally invade your sanctuary. But don't worry! You have the freedom to hunt them down yourself or invest in a trusty guard dog to maintain order within your garden.

Plantera 2 also offers intriguing progression systems, allowing you to level up and unlock new plants, bushes, trees, and animals. Continually expanding and enhancing your garden will keep you engaged for hours on end.

A Fun-Filled Family Experience

With its adorable art style and addictive gameplay mechanics, Plantera 2 is a game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Spend quality time together building the most remarkable farm ever seen while fostering a sense of teamwork and creativity.

If you're seeking an enjoyable farming simulator experience that promises endless fun, look no further than Plantera 2. Get ready to lose yourself in this enchanting world as you nurture your seeds of imagination into flourishing wonders!

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