Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows® 7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
windows, mac, linux
Multi-player, Steam Achievements, Full controller support, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, In-App Purchases, Valve Anti-Cheat enabled, Stats, Remote Play on Phone, Remote Play on Tablet, Remote Play on TV
Action, Free to Play
21 Aug, 2012

Curator review

This is one of my favorite games. It can run on almost any computer with easily 60-100 fps. Its super fun with friends and i definitely recommend it.

Full review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an iconic game that has stood the test of time since its release almost two decades ago. With a rich history and a massive player base, it continues to captivate gamers across the globe.

One of the highlights of CS: GO is its team-based action gameplay, which has been refined over the years. The game offers a wide range of maps, characters, weapons, and game modes to keep players engaged and entertained. Whether you're storming through classic locations like de_dust2 or exploring new battlegrounds, CS: GO delivers an adrenaline-fueled experience.

One aspect that sets CS: GO apart is its accessibility. The game can run smoothly on almost any computer without compromising on performance. With impressive frame rates ranging from 60 to 100 frames per second, even older machines can join in on the action without missing out on all the fun.

A major drawcard for many players is playing CS: GO with friends. It's not only about teamwork but also about creating unforgettable gaming memories together. Sharing victories and strategizing with your pals adds another layer of enjoyment to this already engaging FPS experience.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a thrilling multiplayer shooter that combines addictive gameplay with longevity and widespread appeal, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be at the top of your list. Don't miss out on joining millions worldwide who have made this game their go-to choice for competitive gaming!